Big news for this week’s Radioshow episode – It is being hosted by none other than Western Vinyl producer, Spencer Stephenson, better known by his artist alias, Botany. A native Texan like many in the TIMEWHEEL family, and a musical enigma whose exploratory nature knows no bounds, we feel that this installment is a very welcome addition to the series.

Having grown up in a musical household in Northern Texas, Stephenson has been dabbling in the tonal realms from a young age. It was in 2008 that he began uploading his original work onto the internet, and has since gone on to become a part of the Austin-based label, Western Vinyl, and has had opportunities to collaborate with predominant artists in the sphere, such as Matthewdavid of Stones Throw/Leaving Records and RYAT of Brainfeeder, for some of his own studio releases. Now living and working out of Austin, TX, Stephenson spends his days in meticulous experimentation, delving into new and mysterious methods with which his music can be brought to life.

If you haven’t been already, check out TIMEWHEEL Radioshow Episode 60 hosted by Botany in the stream above, the tracklist for which is provided below. Also, learn more about the artist and check out some more of his original work by visiting:

Western Vinyl | Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Intro/Improvisation/Time Speech
Jamire Williams – The Fire Next Time
Kikagaku Moyo – Floating Leaf
Aidan Baker – In My Head it is Kind of an Escape
Greg Fox – Earth Center Possessing Stream
James Holden – Pass Through the Fire
Carlos Niño – Organic Self
Clark – Acid Romp Off
Harvey Sutherland – Expectations
J Rocc- Stay Fresh
Botany – Don’t Know, Give Thanks (demo)
Letherette – In July Focus
Pauline Anna Strom – In Flight Suspension
Betonkust – Aqua Mundo
Vangelis – Mask: Movement 4
Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan – Gamelan Solo II. Delicate
Botany – Vocal Improv
Joel Van Droogenbroeck – Clavinet, Synthesizer
Suplington – Tokyo (Hector Plimmer Remix)
Djrum – Showreel Pt. 2
Ametsub – Mbira Lights 1