Austin-based electronic producer, Bragglights, rocks this week’s Radio Show with a robust and high-intensity EDM mix unlike anything the series has seen before. The compilation is a powerful one, flush with contributions from Austin-area artists and topped with a few savory tastes of what’s cooking on Bragg’s forthcoming EP, Ghost. Delve in and join the dance with episode 85 of the TWRS, available in the stream above.

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Mix Tracklist
0:00 Selected- Butcher Bear re-fix
1:10 Selected- Bragglights
4:25 Aslyum- Cuadroped Remix
7:00 Forest – Bragglights
10:51 Beep Beep – Willis Nillis
13:00 Clapback – DLo-dnb
16:40 What you said I did – Deal Breaker
19:55 Riflecase – J. Harcrow
22:05 Focus Remix – Bragglights
25:27 Focus – Willis Nillis Remix
28:17 No Rhythm – Bragglights
31:17 Vodka – Bragglights
35:17 Ghost- Bragglights
38:58 Ascension – Swwwisha
41:46 Rap Song – Bragglights
44:10 Rap Song – Lizarazo Remix
46:26 Shuffle House – eBurner’s 7th Demented Heaven Remix