Texas-based 3-piece Retro Pop/Alternative Soul group, MAMAHAWK, unveils psychedelic new music video for their Fall 2018 single, ‘Brain Invaderz!’. Directed by Alex Chod and produced by Left Turn Only, the video captures the events of a ragtag group of figurines faced with the calamity of life as they know it, watching in malaise as their bizarre world floods and crumbles by the will of a mysterious force. Dive in and immerse yourself in the beautifully-haunting world of MAMAHAWK’s Brain Invaderz!

Director / Editor – Alex Chod
Cinematographer – Charles R Pearce
Production Designers – James Reed, Bruce Smith Jr.
Fabrication – Clare Surgeson, James Reed
Practical Effects – James Reed, Zuzu Davis
Assistants – Adam Littman, Brennan Howell

Conceived / Produced by Left Turn Only & Mamahawk

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