LA based producer Daedelus has just relinquished ‘Minotaur featuring Zeroh’, a single from his upcoming album Labyrinths which releases October 28th on Magical Properties. This hard hitting, electronic single is the producer’s first hip-hop release to see the light of day in years. Teaming up with Zeroh, another LA native musician, the pair was able to create a bold and progressive track to hold its own among other alt hip-hop creators like .clipping, Danny Brown, Death Grips, Saul Williams, and the like. The single premiered today on Passion of the Weiss and is streamable on Daedelus’ soundcloud below.

The beat before you is a tidal wave of distorted synthesizers, massive kick drums and experimental ambition, with a dynamic vocal performance that blurs the line between haunting, and helpful. The song’s title ‘Minotaur’ is fitting for the brooding but forward-thinking message that the song transmits to the listener through texture and lyricism. The minotaur of legend is a half-man half-bull, representing (in this case) a demeanor that feels powerful but retains a philosophical approach. Enjoy the track and check back for more updates on Labyrinths.