LA-based music producer Devon Fox (better known as Devonwho) released his second full-length album Luz via Leaving Records earlier this month. Making a swing from hip-hop to ambient, Luz consists of subtle traits and nuances derived from various genres, combining a sense of nostalgia and familiarity with new and innovative techniques to create something fresh and never before heard. Driven by heavy synth leads and fleshed out with ripe and ambitious percussion, the entire album will have you euphorically suspended in a state of sensory-overload from start to finish.

Earlier this week, Devonwho dropped a new music video for the track “Anti-Ragequit” off the new album. Created in a collaborative effort with producer, DJ and graphic designer LOW LIMIT, the video is an indescribably soothing, betamax film-like experience; the 80’s scifi-esque imagery and antiquated film-grain combined with the capability of modern motion graphics results in a sporadic yet fluid and surreal visual accompaniment for the hypnotic journey that is “Anti-Ragequit.” Watch the video above.

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