At long last, the time has come for the web debut of Femina-X’s music video for ‘Black Tongue’ off of their album, Multiverse. A veritable masterpiece and a compelling portrayal of lust and unrequited love, it would be a gross disservice to refer to the video as a mere visual accompaniment. Erogenous and sensual all the while haunting, evocative and heart wrenching, the production is a superfluous affirmation of the group’s discernible evolution, and a daring testament to the innate passion that continuously drives their creative process.

The brooding overtone and antiquated Aztec context of the video’s setting works perfectly in conjunction with the enigmatic wardrobe and utterly breathtaking cinematography, making for a truly indelible experience. What’s more is the unbridled fervor of the onscreen performance given by front-woman, Daniela Riojas, who undertakes the role of the Aztec goddess, Tlazoteotl (“The Filth Eater”), resulting in a palpably symbolic depiction of that unmistakable anguish inflicted only by the contention of two lovers.

For Riojas, “This visual became the center point for developing the character (me) in a situation where her toxic relationship becomes the antithesis of Tlazoteotl; where instead of being purified, her partner injects toxicity and filth into her and they become inevitably entagled in suffering.”

See the music video for ‘Black Tongue’ in the stream above and hear more from the band at:

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