This mix is an ambient journey woven with the intention to assist in releasing fear and moving through any other challenging emotions that arise from day to day. To connect back to the breath in gratitude for each moment. This mix is heavily inspired by the collective initiation we are all constantly facing of finding trust in the unknown & through the delicateness life. A way to connect deeper to the gift of the breath.

These times have surely put us all in a state of slowing down & deeper observation. Let us not forget all of the beauty in this world while staying fully aware of those who may be trying to manipulate or control our vision. You and your gifts are truly needed in this world.

– Träckłišt Bëlōw –
Serpentine River Beds / & Chimes
1.Ekema – Prana
2.Sonic Samadhi – Together
3.Thom Brennan – Silver / Sound Garden
4.Au5 – Cosmoscope
5.Sinepearl – Dewdrops
6.Ishvara – Prismatic Fiels / Springtime on sirius
7.Ovnimoon – Algún Día
8.Max Corbacho – A Spark Of Diety / Nocturnal Bloom
9.Tito La Rosa – Song of integration
10.Branka Kanta – Cricket Medicine
11.Robert Davies – Heath Flow
12.Andre Lahiff – On the Secret Ocean
13.Crystal Moon – Lotus
14.Ishq – Amaryllis Dream
15.Sonic Yogi – Tibetan Bowls (Heart)

Artwork by Oliver Barnett

iyakuh is the founder of Aquatic Collective.
“Aquatic Collective is a Collective based upon Experimental/Forward Thinking Sounds. Our vision at Aquatic Collective is to help spread stimulating sound waves that will open up peoples minds to new ideas and feelings.”