Last Wednesday, San Antonio’s LaJIT put out his new split single “My Daddy Said” / “Mama IDK”. Taking care of all the vocals, production, mixing and mastering himself, he also relinquished the instrumentals for the two tracks making it a four song release in total. These tracks come from the heart, calling upon the unforgettable words of his mother and father that he has carried from his youth. The high intensity and genuine sincerity throughout will have you singing along and coming back for more.

“What inspired this EP and most of my songs is the personal issues that I’ve recently been trying to work on,” LaJIT told TIMEWHEEL. “These songs were created Summer 2015 and I’ve been listening and sitting on them ever since. I woke up on my Birthday and heard the 2nd verse to My Daddy Said where I said ‘finding my way after being blind a quarter of a century.’ That’ s when I looked at my wife saying ‘I think I’m going to drop this today.’ I texted my friend about it, he had an idea, and then the next day it was out.”

Listen to “My Daddy Said” and “Mama IDK” and their instrumentals above. To hear more from LaJIT, check out:

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