Forbidden Colours artist, Marco Paul, unveils the gripping and visceral visual journey for “Tiamat” off of his first solo album, Adonai. This is the third of Paul’s six-chapter audiovisual project, “Maiwe”.

Watch Chapter I – Filius
Watch Chapter II – Sylvian

– Credits –

Original Idea, Executive Production & Music by Marco Paul

Written & Directed by: Rafa De la Lastra
Director of Photography: Jordi Planell
Co-Producers: NK Studios & Guayabo Films

Eva Prudencio
Alana Burns
Sarahi Carrillo
Natalia Plasencia
Kane Lee Kwik
Jaime Aldaraca

Produced by: Gerardo Emilio Sierra
Editor: Aarón Hernandez
Art Direction: Marco Paul
Makeup Artist: Adalicia Romo
Focus Puller: Leonardo Garay Godinez
Underwater Camera Operator: Vito Amaro Poot
Drone: Roberto José Lopez Muñoz
Mask Art: Ana Cecilia Prudencio
Costume Design: Valentina Giorgi

Written by Marco Paul Silva
Produced by Aitor Etxebarria
Mixed by Kris Towne
Drums by Michael Alan Hams
Upright bass by Hibai Etxebarria
Recording Engineer Robert T Garrity
Mastered by Colin Ritchie

Record Label: Forbidden Colours