Leaving Records’ Matthewdavid graces the radio show with a cleansing aural experience in the form of this profound, hour-long ambient mix. Featuring 8 unreleased pieces of original work, the composition has been meticulously woven together to induce a deeply remedying and calming clarity. Tonal tranquility awaits within this soothing soundscape, the likes of which the radio show has never seen before. Enjoy.

Bask in the serenity in the stream above and explore more of David’s work at:
Soundcloud | Bandcamp | LeavingRecords.com

*matthewdavid – jillin (unreleased)
*Nailah Hunter – Nacre Meadow (self-released)
*matthewdavid – pocket norns (unreleased)
*matthewdavid – long mycelium (unreleased)
*matthewdavid – open zither space (unreleased)
*matthewdavid – culebra flute (unreleased)
*PJS – Particles (Golden Ratio Frequencies)
*matthewdavid – ghibli gothic (unreleased)
*Galdre Visions – Dark Fern (@LeavingRecords October 23 2020)
*matthewdavid – mycelium loom 1 & 2 (unreleased)
*matthewdavid – nornscelium (unreleased)

Cover image by Oliver Barnett (IG: @oliver_barnett_)