Tuomo Sagulin (Mechanik Project, TURN3D, Mikael Sagulin, Ephemerald) is a music composer, producer and remixer from a small town called Kivijärvi (Stonelake) in central Finland, now living in Tampere. The main focus is in Breaks, Downtempo and Trailer music. However, lately he has been also involved into melodic death metal with some symphonic orchestral touch.

With several releases in multiple genres, having music in the international television shows and winning 15th Independent Music Awards with Brooke Mitchell, he has established his place in the music industry.

Delve into TWRS #90 in the stream above. To explore the work of Sagulin, visit:
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Ital Tek – Oblivion Theme
Vexxy – Gold Rose
1137 – Undefeated
Phossa – Stygian
Phossa – Drones
Nizth – Cure
Mr.K, Melle, Hebbe – Wayside
Hebbe – B-Side Dub
ZionTrain – Money
ColtCuts – The Haunting
Akcept – Panic Attack
ColtCuts – Passage Of Arms
Rival Consoles – Articulation
Mechanik Project – The Stars Above Us
Alex Banks – Falling Down (Edit)
Abstrakt Sonance – Lay It On
Deft – Zimma
Lamont – Push
Pessimist – No Fxxxing Soul
Yunis – Hiding Place
Barbarix – Feed Your Thoughts (Little Skit)
Mechanik Project feat. Brooke Mitchell – Coming Home