Noetik (the alchemist) hosts episode 93 of the radio show with the powerful ‘Origins’ mix. Travel inward with grounding and generative rhythms that await within the fabric of this truly prodigious arrangement.

– Artist Statement –

A tribute to all indigenous peoples of the world, bass music lovers, dancers, plant medicine tribe, the west coast and beyond. A calling to all generations of the earth to unite, to remember our origins, and protect that which is sacred.

Original music from Noetik, as well as music from: Lakota Legends, Aten Rays, Orenda, Sorrow, Pushloop, GDubz, Gangus, MA-AM, Kastle, Wayvee, Okiro, DnA, Murkury, KvnS, Abstrakt Resonance, A-T-O-S, Akriza, Skorow, Intrasol and Pacha Papa. Remixes from: Tor, OAKK and Strand. Opening vocal sample from: A Tribe Called Red. Recorded and mastered by Noetik.

Artwork by Miles Toland

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