Oregon Eclipse festival is the culmination of many minds coming together to create a once in a lifetime experience. The synthesis of festivals coming together for this event include Envision, Ometotle, Symbiosis, Rainbow Serpent, Sonic Bloom, Lightning in a Bottle, and a list that could encompass an article unto itself. This synthesis and extensive collaboration has crafted itself into the musical lineup as well, as seven days of bass music will host five stages exploring Psy-trance to indie dance, heavy dubstep to deep house. If you enjoy electronic music you can truly find any sound present to cater to your interests, yet the music will not be limited to bass culture alone. Jam Bands like STS9 and String Cheese Incident will be present performing multiple sets and The Big Top will feature Brass and Jazz, as well as Acoustic folk, and circus acts throughout its week long lineup.


The event itself is a gathering of ideas and minds, ever in dialogue with each individual. Throughout the week OE will offer classes on permaculture, yoga, and spiritual techniques for healing and wellness, as well as keynote speakers who will present lectures on a variety of topics. Dialogue is also created through the often interactive artwork and shrines that are incorporated into the general layout of the event giving any given moment the opportunity to engage you at the most intimate and transpersonal levels.


The last time an eclipse swept diagonally across the country in this manner was 100 years ago. Big Summit Prairie resides right around the focal point for the eclipses path of totality, and with the production value and care put into the quality of the experience, the festivals curators seek to create an as once in a lifetime opportunity as the eclipse itself. We have covered Symbiosis festival as well as Sonic Bloom in the past, and as all of the festivals involved in this production make a visible effort at synthesizing art, music, science, and spirituality all into a singular experience, it isn’t any wonder that the Science and Non-Duality Conference had a hand in co-hosting this event. On August 17-23 the magnitude with which that ideal will be explored will become unparalleled by any other singular event of this nature, as the Oregon Eclipse Festival bears host to a week long journey of cosmic proportions.


Author Bio
Buckley Rue hails from Fort Worth/Austin Texas. He graduated from the university of Texas at Austin where he has a degree in Religious Studies with a minor in Psychology. He is the school’s founder of Students For Sensible Drug Policy and has a deep passion for psychedelic therapy. He is currently wrapping up a novel titled “Afterlife”, about the rise of The American rave culture, the coming revolution in consciousness, and the dawning of a new age for mankind.