Poranguí and Liquid Bloom unveil enamoring music video for ‘Feathered Serpent’ remixed by Savej off their recently released remix album, Kuya Sessions: Cura Remixes. Featuring nine talented electronic music producers, the remix album takes the original‘s potent blend of ancestral healing sound and holistic cinematic production to new heights.

The remixes add a tasteful layer of sound and energy to the already immersive ‘Cura‘ experience, making it perfect for both deep listening sessions and the pulsing dancefloor. Whether you’re looking to explore the depths of your own psyche or enjoy moving your body to cutting-edge dance music, this album has medicine for everyone.

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Kuya Sessions: Cura Remixes

Music by:
Poranguí | Liquid Bloom

Remix Production by:

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Additional Credits:
Mastering: Gregor Zemljic

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