Artist : Xian
Release Date : October 10, 2018

Xian of Something Fiction leads us through uncharted waters with a new solo project, ‘2cwhoim2b’. Entirely self-produced and clearly created from a place of emotion and mysticality, the single is one of those rare compositions that one could truly lose themselves inside of.

The entirety of the track is backed by an unrelenting percussion medley, led by a lullaby-like melody, and woven together with an array of nuanced anomalies, all of which seamlessly combine to produce an atmosphere that is stark and haunting, yet undeniably beautiful. What takes it the furthest is the masked, distorted vocals that chime in intermittently; although unclear, hearing them feels as though you are communing with an interloping presence who has found its way into the recollection of a shrouded memory. Alluring and beguiling, the single’s exploratory essence is exceeded only by its mystery.