Artist : Jonah Conrad
Release Date : April 6, 2018

Frequency takes us deeper into the strokes of the intrapersonal illustration that Conrad began painting for us in 2015’s KARMA EP, and expands upon the prodigious techniques that Conrad continues to unearth throughout his journey. Executive produced by Conrad, and mixed and mastered with the help of Alejandro Arellano, it is truly a wonder to see how the twelve-track LP so powerfully demonstrates the collaborative connectivity shared between the musical talents of the San Antonio region.

Despite their diversity of style and genre, the ensemble of appearances from 40hands, AMEA, James Blue, REEK, elnuh, Teauxdash and Armita, all seamlessly woven by Conrad’s proficient concocting, result in a groundbreaking and unforgettable collection that is destined receive praise and admiration for years to come.