Artist : Supertask
Title : Know
Release Date : June 2, 2017

To commemorate achieving 2,000 followers on his Soundcloud, Supertask released new trip-hop, electronic trance single by the name of ‘Know’. The track is a hypnotic, cerebral experience with its pervasive rhythmic cycling paired with its distinctly separate and dynamic sequences throughout, similar to the various acts of a theatre performance.

Supertask’s unequivocal style truly shines through in this piece as he aptly incorporates a broad range of synthesized resonances and sound samples that take the stage as they commence. As is the case with much of his compositions, the clockwork-like, gravitational percussion loop makes itself present at the most opportune moments, seamlessly tying together the arrangement in its entirety. From start to finish, the heavy and enveloping robotica groove of ‘Know’ will hold you tightly in its clutches.