Savej returns to this plane with the release of mystical single, ‘KA’, connecting listeners with that primal essence we all share and dissolving culture, time and belief for a few moments. Having been a staple of his live sets for years now, the official release of ‘KA’ comes as a truly momentous occasion in his artistic journey.

This culture-bending track makes deft use of ethnic instruments and beautiful melodies while seamlessly incorporating strong, entrancing percussion and vocal chops to build tension and add to its mysterious atmosphere. Culminating in a hard hitting tribal drop of bass and sheer energy, the piece results in a cleansing and elucidating experience of rhythm and union.

“KA is intended to be a groovy, mystical journey of remembrance of the ancient celebration of life. Crafting a certain sacred vibe and combining it with ecstatic and danceable rhythms serves as a bridge for people to enter a special state of consciousness on the dance floor as they move what is essentially a linguistic pattern of sound through their bodies and remember our primal connectedness.” – Savej

Check out the enamoring visual accompaniment created by Glass Crane for ‘KA’ in the section above, or stream the audio for the single in the section below.

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