Stemming from his fascination of conscious exploration, man’s connection to nature, and cultural wisdom, Solstice embodies Savej’s experiences as a student of life through experimental psychedelic bass and worldly tribal influences. Something unique about this album is that all of Savej’s flutes are tuned to 432hz, a tuning system in resonance with time and the Earth’s rotation. Each track tuned to 432hz is also 4:32 minutes long. Additionally, the title track features Savej practicing the Kargyraa style of throat singing, where one must disengage their vocal cords.

‘Solstice’ spotlights Savej’s practice of the Kargyraa style of throat singing, a skill that demanded weeks of training to achieve proper vocal cord disengagement. As the Native American flute searches for ‘One Truth’, percussive rhythms support the binding of matter and spirit into one energy. ‘Eye For An I’ employs entrancing trap soundscapes with an organic tribal flair. Nature comes to life in ‘Sirens’, as creatures who roam the jungle are dazzled by hypnotic bass tapestries. When the Sun’s path crosses the celestial equator, ‘Equinox’ escorts wanderers towards a groovy celebratory dreamscape. Concluding the paradisiacal globe-trot, ‘Vilca’ pays tribute to the sacred psychedelic ritual, offering one last dance in the shamanic wonderland.


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