Skytree announces his return with new full-length album, Infraplanetary, coming 8-20-20. Prepare yourself for a deluge of rich harmonic textures and ethereal tonalities awaiting within this coalescent spectacle of time, space, body, mind and spirit. Have a taste of what’s to come with track, ‘Out There’, from the forthcoming album in the stream above, and predorder Infraplanetary here.

Dear Friends,

This is my first full album since Cirrus Sapiens in 2014. A lot has changed since then for us all, but the core aesthetic and message of my music very much continues on. I took my time working on this one (sorry for disappearing for a while), but I think it shows.

I hope these 13 tracks serve you well, bring you some relief, some escape, some wonder, some reflection, some inspiration, some upliftment – whatever it may be – in these uncertain times.
Thank you for listening and for being a part of my ongoing creative conversation with our strange and beautiful planet.

In your musical service,
– ET Snyder / Skytree

Infraplanetary releases August 20, 2020

All proceeds go to the ACLU

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