In the final days of the year 2016, writer, photographer, multi-media artist and front-woman of TIMEWHEEL’s Femina-X, Daniela Riojas was on-site at Oceti Sakowin Camp at the Standing Rock Native-American Reservation to speak with and document the impassioned accounts of those involved in the effort of protecting the site’s sacred resources.

Directed by Riojas and filmed by cinematographer Andrew J Gonzales with music by Lakota people and Xes Xes, this succinct, moving and eye-opening documentary illustrates the unthinkable, though very real struggle that the native residents of Standing Rock continue to endure in the battle between corporate interests and human rights. With the help of the brave and dutiful individuals who have taken a stand, and all of the evocative productions such as Daniela’s and others like it, we as a community can continue to expose these gross injustices. It is time we put an end to the continuous infringement of human rights and Earth’s sanctity with this archaic use of fossil-fuels perpetuated by corporate elites.

Watch Standing Rock: A New Nation in the stream above and keep yourself up to date by visiting Native Solidarity, a web catalog of indigenous issues across North America that are in need of support.

About the director
Daniela Riojas is a writer, photographer, multi-media artist and the front-woman of TIMEWHEEL’s Femina-X. Driven with an indescribable passion in her creative process, Daniela uses her work to not only communicate, but continuously develop the sacred and ineffable bond that she shares with her ancestral lineage. To see and hear more of Daniela’s work, check her out on: | soundcloud | bandcamp | facebook