As we reach the 31st episode of TIMEWHEEL RADIO, we would like to present you the entire first season. About one year ago we had Hip-Hop/EDM group Jupiter Thief host our first show. Based in San Marcos, the team compiled some of their favorite bangers and original songs to be broadcasted live via TIMEWHEEL RADIO. Since then it has been a tradition for the TIMEWHEEL family too release a weekly mix with a different and talented host each week. We decided to create seasons of roughly 30 mixes each as the show evolved.

From local artists to international musicians/DJs, each mix has its own unique vibe. Many TIMEWHEEL artists have participated in making a mix for the show, broadcasting their secret tracks and unreleased music, giving the listeners a preview of whats in store for the artist’s next move. From rap mixes by THE INF, to Jungle and club music from GHOSTPIZZA, your music taste is bound too be met by the variety of these dynamic artists. A jazz mix to unwind to after a long day by EPISODENONE, to upbeat and experiential drum and bass by MASLO for you to get ready to before going out to town with all your friends.

No matter your gender, where your from, what language you speak, TIMEWHEEL RADIO is committed to presenting feel good music for the people. Check out our first mixes below and find your favorite jams to enjoy for your day.