Label artists Expansions of Q wade into some mysterious waters with this new stop motion short film for their track “9/8”. Co-directed, shot and developed in 35mm by Anthony Mendoza Martins (ark) and Thomas Contreras (40hands), this visceral journey gives ‘haunting’ a whole new meaning. The dark, brooding overtone and the unrelenting pace of the video coupled with the jarring flow of the track’s 9/8 time signature coalesce to produce an indescribable state of both fear and awe. A perceptive use of lighting and environment along with the bewildering instrumentation of Q’s unmistakable phonaesthetic makes for an introspective pilgrimage through the recesses of the psyche.

To us this video represents, more than anything, a learning experience. Whether it’s learning the processes required to execute the film or learning about ourselves. The spontaneous approach we have been using lately allows us to trust feeling and intuition during the creative phase. When we are successful we find that the work we’ve made tells us a lot of things we didn’t know before.” -ark

Piano & Synth – 40hands
Bass & Drums – ark

Frame Editing & Animation: ark

Additional Lighting Assistance:
Raul Rodriguez III (Bread Board Scene, Forest Bridge Scene)
Nico Garza (Darkroom Scene, Red Hands, Green 40hands Pano, Forest Bridge Scene)