Elemental Awakening Podcast with Giovanni Bartolomeo (Series)

What exactly is the Elemental Awakening? It’s more of an idea than a thing. It’s something simple yet powerful. It’s about cultivating awareness in all that is, starting with the...

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Axon Genesis – Future Avatars (Music Video) [Premiere]

Step into another world as you take copilot on this mesmerizing ride through futuristic visuals synchronized to downtempo electronic music. This journey is an alternate perspective into the world Horizons...

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INTRASoL (Exclusive Mix) [TWRS–S08E01]

Idaho-based experimental producer, INTRASoL graces the radio show series with an absolutely mind-melting, all-original mix. A heavy and satiating downtempo experience from start to finish, INTRASoL offers a glimpse of...

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A Hundred Drums – ‘A Hundred Drums’

A Hundred Drums by A Hundred Drums Denver-based producer A Hundred Drums demonstrates her wide array of instrumental talents and genre diversity on her self-titled album, available this Valentine’s Day...

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David Starfire, Bósa, AHEE – ‘Walking in The Stars’

Long ago, the Ancient Aztecs observed the stars through pond reflections. ‘Walking In The Stars,’ out via Gravitas Recordings, is the celestial creation of Bósa, David Starfire, and AHEE that...

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Axon Genesis – Horizons of the Future [Preview]

Take an awe-inspiring flight towards the setting sun through gravity-defying cities, geometric wonders, and imaginative architecture from other worlds. Horizons of the Future is a sci-fi dream with mesmerizing 3D...

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Ccontrary (Exclusive Mix) [TWRS–S07E09]

Moscow-based electronic producer, Ccontrary, graces the Radio Show with a fierce and gripping exclusive mix. Enjoy. For more from Ccontrary, check out: soundcloud | bandcamp | instagram



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