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Noetik the Alchemist – 1000 Ancestors (Music Video) [Premiere]

Cali-based beat maker, DJ and instrumentalist, Noetik the Alchemist, lights the night on fire with an enamoring music video for ‘1000 Ancestors’ off of newly released album, Encode. Entrenched with...

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Skyloom – ‘Anion’ [Premiere]

Celestial vibes await within Skyloom’s powerful and emotive single, ‘Anion’. Continuing to explore deeper and more intricate avenues of tonality, Skyloom once again finds a way to mold his iconic sound style...

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The Breath of Life – Gayatri Mantra (Visual by Oliver Barnett) [Premiere]

In 2017, Barnett was commissioned to create visual impressions of the Wu Xing, or 5 Elements of traditional Chinese medicine. He spent 2 years on and off collecting and photographing...

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Kult Krimes – Taking Chances (Music Video) [Premiere]

Kult Krimes unveils the music video for the gripping and unrelenting track, ‘Taking Chances’, off of recently released EP, Heavenly Mess. The video, a jarring and compelling experience, perfectly captures the song’s manic...

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Skyloom – ‘Nekton’ [Premiere]

Skyloom brings on a deluge of good vibes with new single, ‘Nekton’. A lively and jubilant journey, the warm and tranquil nature of this aquatic synthwave piece really captures that indescribable feeling of spending...

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Skyloom – ‘Tension’ [Premiere]

Skyloom unleashes an absolute onslaught with vicious drum & bass single, ‘Tension’. Backed by unrelenting percussion and dripping with that distinct Skyloom flair, this gripping excursion is a force to...

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INTRASoL – ‘Pendulum’ [Premiere]

INTRASoL breaks new ground with powerful and auspicious LP, Pendulum. Deep bass and alienesque modulation pervades this dark, digital landscape. Venture in and drift away into the vast, spatial realms...

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Kult Krimes – ‘Heavenly Mess’ [Premiere]

Days after giving listeners a taste of what he’s been cooking up with single ‘Polar Bear’, Kult Krimes serves up the main course in the form of mind-blowing 4-track EP,...

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Liquid Bloom – ‘Regen: Deep Ambient Remixes’ [Premiere]

ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes by Liquid Bloom Drift into holographic realms of deep thought and relaxed sensation with Liquid Bloom‘s Regen: Deep Ambient Remixes. Conjured from the mind of musical...

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