Driven by unquenchable curiosity, Michael Phillip has managed to cut through the digital noise to build a significant presence online. His ever-growing show, Third Eye Drops, consistently ranks in the top ten of its iTunes category, has received nearly two million downloads, and has maintained a five-star rating across over 800 reviews. Michael has released and appeared on hundreds of podcast episodes, melding minds with a wide range of multidisciplinary experts including scientists, artists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, bestselling authors, and viral personalities.

Check out the series’ most recent installments in the streams below. To delve a little deeper, explore: | iTunes | Stitcher | YouTube

Mind Meld 217 | Golden Wounds with Erick Godsey

Mind Meld 216 | The Mind of Infinity with Dr. Donald Hoffman

Mind Meld 215 | The Beautiful Bitter Truth with Liam Wilson

Mind Meld 214 | Feeding the Daemon with Daniele Bolelli

Mind Meld 213 | Communing With High Strangeness | Jim Perry of Euphomet

Mind Meld 212 | A Satirical Uroboros Folding Back In On Itself | Dr. Alan Levinovitz

Mind Meld 211| Decoding the Zeitgeist with Colin Frangicetto

Mind Meld 210 | Bring Your Temple With You | Dr. Zak Stein

Mind Meld 209 |The War For Reality with Charles Eisenstein

Mind Meld 208 | The Song of the Forest with Hamilton Souther

Mind Meld 207 | The Secret Cause of Your Destiny with Erick Godsey

Mind Meld 206 | Reclaiming Your Reality Tunnel with Cory Allen

Mind Meld 205 | Secret Drugs of Buddhism with Mike Crowley