Driven by unquenchable curiosity, Michael Phillip has managed to cut through the digital noise to build a significant presence online. His ever-growing show, Third Eye Drops, consistently ranks in the top ten of its iTunes category, has received nearly two million downloads, and has maintained a five-star rating across over 800 reviews. Michael has released and appeared on hundreds of podcast episodes, melding minds with a wide range of multidisciplinary experts including scientists, artists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, bestselling authors, and viral personalities.

Check out the entire series in the stream above and catch some of the most memorable episodes in the section below. To delve a little deeper, explore: | iTunes | Stitcher | YouTube

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Mind Meld 217 | Golden Wounds with Erick Godsey

Mind Meld 216 | The Mind of Infinity with Dr. Donald Hoffman

Mind Meld 215 | The Beautiful Bitter Truth with Liam Wilson

Mind Meld 214 | Feeding the Daemon with Daniele Bolelli

Mind Meld 213 | Communing With High Strangeness | Jim Perry of Euphomet

Mind Meld 212 | A Satirical Uroboros Folding Back In On Itself | Dr. Alan Levinovitz

Mind Meld 211| Decoding the Zeitgeist with Colin Frangicetto

Mind Meld 210 | Bring Your Temple With You | Dr. Zak Stein

Mind Meld 209 |The War For Reality with Charles Eisenstein

Mind Meld 208 | The Song of the Forest with Hamilton Souther

Mind Meld 207 | The Secret Cause of Your Destiny with Erick Godsey

Mind Meld 206 | Reclaiming Your Reality Tunnel with Cory Allen

Mind Meld 205 | Secret Drugs of Buddhism with Mike Crowley