Welcome to Xian Archive, a hyperspatial database of the fascinating discussions shared between artist/creative director Matt Xian and guests circling around the topics of psychedelics, creativity, music, artwork, technology and beyond. Enter the archive below.

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XA012 // The Way of Psychonaut w/ Susan Hess Logeais

XA011 // A Therapist’s Tale w/ Jane Calm

XA010 // Pivotal Persistance w/ Kaelyn Gray

XA009 // Temple Copal w/ Zane Ra

XA008 // A Musician’s Mind w/ Jordan Flores

XA007 // The Art of Waking Up w/ Peyson Jones

XA006 // Mikeadelic w/ Mike Brancatelli

XA005 // Solstice Stories w/ Savej

XA004 // ISORROPiA Radio w/ Liliana Salas

XA003 // Nature as Sacred Space w/ Jagwired

XA002 // Bridging Worlds w/ Simon Haiduk

XA001 // Third Eye Drops w/ Michael Phillip