From the directorial mind that brought you DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Huachuma comes Ayahuasca, a biopic that follows a group of consciousness adventurers through a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony. Filmed at SpiritQuest Sanctuary in the Peruvian Amazon, the documentary explores the ways in which sacred Amazonian plant medicine has been, and continues to be used in order to facilitate healing and spiritual transformation.

Throughout this gripping, heartfelt journey, we are presented with the detailed accounts of the trials and tribulations faced by those involved, including director Mitch Schultz, Amber Lyon, and Aubrey and Olivia Marcus. They speak of the terror, as well as the magnificence they faced in their experiences, explaining how these sacramental plant medicines have helped them in realizing, confronting and conquering that which stands in the way of solace and contentment in their lives.

Ayahuasca is available to stream for free and can be purchased for download in high definition .mov format. For more info or to start streaming, go to: