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Earlier this month, electronic, melodic and atmospheric beat producer Pietro Iannuzzi, better known as Indian Wells, released his third studio album Where The World Ends via LA based collective, Friends of Friends. Not unlike his previously released works, Where The World Ends is an almost organismic experience, as a tender, pulsing flow carries you through a broad spectrum of emotion and illustrious sceneries from beginning to end.

In the album’s onset, we are met with ebullience as we embark on an ephemeral downstream journey through the Italia wilderness. Along the way, we are joined by cascading river tides, enchanting forestry and enamoring hillsides, all of which Iannuzzi manages to illustrate flawlessly through his timing, instrumentation and composition. As the journey continues, you soon find yourself taking flight, soaring over and through the towering mountain peaks that served as home for Iannuzzi during the writing and composing of the album. In the final third of the tracklist is where things begin to take a melancholic, although euphoric turn as the sheer magnitude of the latent message and meaning embedded within the album’s tonal fibers begins to reveal itself; a message that is best left experienced, explored and envisaged first-hand by those who are willing to take the journey to Where The World Ends.

“Until my twenties, I’d been living in a small town with a few hundred people on the top of the mountains – isolated not only from the rest of the world but also from the rest of Italy and the rest of south of Italy, a considerably underdeveloped region. Since my childhood I got used to the concept of borders. First of all as a limitation, as the limit to not see and know what is behind. The mountains – which are still around the place I live – symbolized to me the end of my world. After moving to a small city during university, the limit became the social and cultural context that doesn’t make it easy to have other dreams other than becoming an engineer, doctor or notary. I’m still living in the same city.

In the meantime, the meaning of border is now identified to the concept of division and protection. While we live in the Internet as a tool of integration/division with infinite potential, at the same time we keep building walls in our yards. Migrants are at our doors trying to cross their borders to run away from disasters and we confine them in camps or indifference. We passionately watch TV series on dystopic futures, while reality already surpasses fiction. All these new songs are about borders, on many different levels – mountains being the first one – places where I spent time lately to escape daily schizophrenia and to realize the need to express the anxieties of our times.” – Iannuzzi says of the album.

For you Italy natives, or should you find yourself visiting Italy in late November, you can catch Indian Wells performing live at the Jazz Re:Found Festival 2017, November 29 – December 3. Info and tickets available here.

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