remanon guardian artwork cover 1400

At long last, Remanon‘s latest record Guardian has officially been released. Since the release of Episodes, the San Antonio-based space-fusion/prog-rock outfit has been hard at work evolving their sound in unimaginable ways, unearthing innovative forms of tonality and exploring unfamiliar modals of expression. This is not to say they have strayed from their roots, however, as this relentless two-part performance possesses the captivating audible and philosophical richness that always results from Remanon’s meticulous and calculative approach to music composition. 

The album art for Guardian is titled “Forest Watcher” and was created by Steve Teeps of TEACHING MACHINE, a digital artist based in Oakland who explores themes inspired by neo-tokyo, sci-fi, technology, video games, and psychedelia. The timeless mystique that “Forest Watcher” carries offers a glimpse into the world that Remanon creates with their music and this new release.

Check out Guardian, available for stream below. Also, catch Remanon live at San Antonio’s Paper Tiger tomorrow, January 26th at 7:00 PM, tickets for which are available [here]. | bandcamp | facebook | reverbnation