A Path Untold is the ever-expanding musical vision that producer Daniel Merrill (formerly of Aligning Minds) has been steadily building for years, carefully constructing a sound that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

His alchemical style has evolved as a diverse fusion of elements, pulling genre influence from deep house, future garage, downtempo, idm and world/medicine music, but without solely identifying with any one of these genres.

The emphasis is instead on deeply personal expression with an otherworldly, emotional aesthetic that serves as an ongoing exploration between dualistic elements like euphoria/melancholy, technology/nature and the individual/collective – while maintaining a balanced focus on both dancefloor movement and headphone intimacy. Think mystical melodic story-telling through the use of explorative texture and harmonic bass presence, calling into existence the sound of alternate realms of beauty, intrigue and wonder.

Along with his rich history with Aligning Minds and two full length albums released so far under the A Path Untold name, including his most recent ‘Wander to Serve’ out on Asheville-based label Aquatic Collective, his mission is just getting started. Look out for forthcoming releases on TIMEWHEEL Records.

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