Vtude - Bexar Hugs

Bexar Hugs

Artist : Verisimilitude
Title : Bexar Hugs
Release Date : November 6, 2015

Label artist Verisimilitude‘s new release ‘Bexar Hugs’ is a unique collection of 6 fast-paced, highly dynamic instrumental recordings of psychedelic rock infused with elements of garage, funk and alternative. The high energy and thematic songs on Bexar Hugs sonically explore the experiences of the three long-time band mates, each track inspired by real life events. A communal and tribal element is particularly present within each of these short, yet fleshed out compositions, that beckons back to the sound Verisimilitude is known for by their dedicated following in San Antonio. Bexar Hugs is an intimate record that puts you inside a tightly-packed, good spirited, and psychedelically-lit garage in a world that only V-TUDE can create.