Call Of The Ancients

Artist : DEKAI
Release Date : April 17, 2019

Alluring, oracular and entrenched in mystery, DEKAI’s single ‘Call Of The Ancients’ awakens a primordial energy as old as time itself. Being no stranger to the emotive capacity of consciously-crafted music, DEKAI demonstrates once again just how far sound can carry us.

Succumbing to the track’s beckoning onset permits passage into a quixotic state of mind tantamount to the clutches of a psychedelic journey. A mantra-like strum cradles the listener, guiding them through the sheer ferocity and vigor found within the piece, making for not only a compelling journey, but a vessel with which one may choose to introspectively explore their inner reaches or engage in the ancestral remedies of dance and channeling. Dive in and give heed to what lies within the ‘Call Of The Ancients’.