Lotus Leaves

Artist : Light Language
Release Date : April 7, 2023

Hawaiian-based sound shaman, Light Language, presents a compelling rhythmic voyage in the form of aptly titled EP, Lotus Leaves. Composed of sacred tonalities and deep, rich vibrations, each track of the arrangement takes listeners on an inward exploration guided by emotive frequencies and ancient sensations.

The Lotus Leaves EP is a personal musical memoir of sorts chronicling my own personal growth, blossoming, death and rebirth over the last few years. The introduction was inspired by Sadhguru’s words and spoken beautifully by my partner Dominque Zuniga.

The 3 main tracks, Lotus Leaves, Roots, and Tubes blend deep rich bass with organic sounds from world instruments, nature, and electronic production.

This unique compilation of world and shamanic sounds (chanting, didgeridoo, drumming) weave with the vibrations of nature (birds, jungle, whale sounds) to create a mix that is both gentle, hard hitting and impactful.

A powerful addition to the Shamanic/Primal Bass genre, this EP continues to bridge the gap between traditional organic and electronic dance mediums. The closing track is an instrumental mix of the opening intro, infused with Reiki healing energy and serving as a deep journey into the healing, cymatic nature of sound.

Included in the release is a a full length album mix that takes the listener on a journey through beauty, filth, fire, nature and more. This mix aims to bring the audience into the live ceremonial Light Language experience.

Releasing the same day the “Roots” video is a beautiful co-creation with my good friend Guillermo Guzman and features all original footage shot on the incredible Hawaiian Islands. What began as 3 songs written in just a few days, two years ago, while living in an old chapel on Big Island, Hawaii is now a crystalized creation for the world at large to listen, view, enjoy, dance to, and heal with.

A sonic symphony of laughter, blood, sweat, tears and prayers went into the creation and refinement of this work.
Light Language