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On Saturday, March 11th, label artists Femina-X will be playing at Limelight in San Antonio with support from Volcán and Mexicans with Guns to celebrate the release of their new album, Multiverse, which will be made available exclusively on TIMEWHEEL on March 14. The release will mark the group’s first full-length LP following their powerful single, “Cosmos.” The event will fall on the week of Spring Break, which is expected to amplify the show’s festivity and audience turnout.

As stated on the event page set up by the band, “Multiverse was recorded at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios during the spring of 2014 by Ross Ingram, and represents Femina-X’s first incarnation of musical work, in which each song explores its own characters, landscape, language, and universe – creating a multiverse, a parallel state for each song to exist and yet remain connected to its other album album counterparts.”

Femina-X is an alternative, Latin band from San Antonio comprised of members Daniela Riojas (vox), Alex Scheel (guitar), Jeff Palacios (bass), Darian Thomas (violin), and Jai Roots (drums). Femina-X identifies as “New Alternative” and creates unconventional fusions with electronic beats, samples, synths, and live instruments. They draw musical influence from progressive tribal and ethnic dance, hip-hop, jungle, Caribbean, industrial, punk, and drum and bass.

Daniela’s chameleon voice has the range to both coo and siren, lull and frighten, always reaching from a place of passion, imagination, and child-like playfulness. Her vision, melody, and lyrics construct the world within each song, pulling from her ability to narrate and share the deeply personal with an edge of fantasy.

Be on the lookout for the release of Multiverse on March 14. In the meantime, check out “Cosmos” in the stream below and hear more from Femina-X by visiting:

soundcloud | bandcamp | facebook

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Alex Barclay is a freelance music journalist and label representative at TIMEWHEEL. A long time listener of progressive music, Alex has been an active member in the San Antonio independent music scene for years.