Orange County, CA native, Beverly Salas is a San Antonio-based artist who specializes in hand-made, 60-esque psychedelic paintings and illustrations. Aside from her self-produced works, Salas has done original graphic work for a number of brands and musicians, including much of the album/flyer/t-shirt artwork for label math-rock group, Verisimilitude. Coming from the humble beginnings of school-hour sketches, Salas has come along way in her illustration career. Having achieved a professional status at a young age, she plans to move forward by continuing her production of original artwork for individual sale, as well as contract work for inquiring companies, agencies and musical groups.

In the video video is a TIMEWHEEL Presentation of Beverly Salas with a word from the artist herself, as well as some footage of her in her creative process. For more information and to see some of Salas’ creations, or to get in touch with her for commissioned creative work, check her out on:

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