Composer and visual artist, Simon Haiduk, returns under new solo project moniker ‘Agarikon’ to bring forth a gripping and evocative experience in the form of 3-part EP, Dalvindur. Brimming with dynamic instrumentation and a palpable sense of reverence, the collection not only presents a fiercely compelling and curiously cleansing journey, but radiantly reveals an unseen facet of Haiduk’s artistic prism.

A word from the artist:
I felt the need for another project moniker to release some of my other musical creations while keeping my ambient and down-tempo music under my name title. This new project, Agarikon, is named after an ancient medicinal mushroom found in old-growth forests. Like this mushroom which filters and transforms energy into medicine, this music project aims for a similar process as expressive medicine for my soul. Moving outside the constraints of genre-specifics, I want to use this project for more creative exploration.

Track 1: Anxstillight | Track 2: Tension (at 10:10) | Track 3: Revival (at 16:33)

Cover photo by @tracehudson_

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