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Visual and musical artist, Colin Frangicetto treats the world to a nonlinear, irregular podcast series about art, life, weirdness and connection. Delving deep into anything and everything from universal creativity, to technological impact, to indigenous ancestry, to psychology, to awakening experiences and more, Frengicetto and his guests stimulate and satiate in their explorations as they spelunk into the caverns of existence.

The series will be released in complete, bingeable sequences of episodes, the first of which is available now in its entirety. Dive in to The Cosmic Nod: Sequence 01 episodes 1-6, available below and on Apple Podcasts.

Check out more from Colin at:
Colin Frangicetto | Circa Survive | Psychic Babble

Episode 1: Ramin Nazer

Episode 2: Sarah Zucker

Episode 3: Edgar Fábian Frías

Episode 4: Taryn Southern

Episode 5: Jillian Evelyn

Episode 6: Matt Saincome