Ahead of forthcoming LP, Tales From The Terrarium, Gravitas Records’ Floret Loret delivers a taste of what’s in store with debut single, ‘Firespoken’. With a beautiful foley and synth keys intro followed by a quick drop into a heavier, glitchy half-time audioscape filled with wubs and deft sound design, the ensuing experience is a transformative and captivating one.

Floret Loret’s full Tales From The Terrarium LP is an experimental and atmospheric album that takes the listener on a journey through different sonic landscapes. Out on Gravitas Friday 9/22 after two standout singles, the beautiful showcase of Floret Loret’s talent bends through genres and styles while telling a perfect story. The tracks are characterized by intricate sound design, ambient textures, and haunting melodies that create a sense of otherworldliness and introspection.

“This album revolves around the theme of rebirth and self-discovery in the face of challenges. The inspiration for this concept came from a meaningful conversation I had with my dad during a health incident I experienced in 2020. He shared with me the idea of hitting the reset button after going treatment, and that conversation ignited the idea of embracing a brand new beginning in life.

I wrote this album centered around the journey of a character I created named “Napo”. Each individual song takes on the role of a chapter, as he explores a new world and confronts the obstacles that lie within his adventure. I wrote this album in order to create a new world, encompassing the story that I wanted to tell.”
– Floret Loret

Check out ‘Firespoken’ in the video stream above and the audio stream below, and be on the lookout for the release of Tales From The Terrarium, coming 9/22.

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