Medicine of the highest vibration. Iyakuh’s organic shamanic sonic tapestries invite us to connect with the innate beauty of nature and our own internal wellspring of wisdom and ancient knowledge. Whether you are looking for the right frequencies for meditation, yoga practice, dance, or ceremony, this release will create an incredible atmosphere that feeds the soul.

From the artist:
The sun rises every day to greet our planet with the gift of renewal. Unconditionally. To feed the seeds planted in the gardens of the earth, heart and bodies of all beings present. In the morning light we find opportunity to be reborn. The light of 1,000 suns casts a shadow of a vast abyss. May we find our way to the center. Where the sight rests with ease into infinity.. Clearing the way. May we all remember our direct connection to the source of all. Walking now with grace along the path of the eternal dream.

Cover Art by Curiot

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