Kult Krimes unveils the music video for the gripping and unrelenting track, ‘Taking Chances’, off of recently released EP, Heavenly Mess. The video, a jarring and compelling experience, perfectly captures the song’s manic nature and makes for an excellent visual accompaniment. Witnessing the raw intensity of the performance gives the already unforgettable track a new artistic facet to admire and really adds to the state of lunacy that Krimes so effortlessly conveys. Check out the video for ‘Taking Chances’ in the stream above.

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Music, Lyrics & Direction by KULT KRIMES
Shot & Edited by JCCinematography

The time seems right
The time is now

My feet are taking chances
Pick it up, pick it up
My feet are taking chances
So sing

oh Hell, another thing in my pocket please
Take it back stage, and pull my socket
I said oh, I hug myself again
I’ll ask your boyfriend
Is this something he can help me with
If NO! -I’ll show that creep fest creep fest
I fold the seat back, my life is tic tic tac tac toe
And now my knees bend back and fold inside till
I fortify all my feelings

Check my heart beat , I couldn’t think
I found another seat, I had something to say
What would it be, I think they’ll notice me
I be acting sinful, this fortune seemed so sold
separately, so help me, so help me, so help me

Hip hip hip hip hip hip hooray
I stole your parade
I never fade
Playing the game until it’s over see

I’m taking chances