LaJIT just dropped the title track to his new EP ‘How It Feel’ via TIMEWHEEL. Latent with energetic, contemplative and thought-provoking lyrics, LaJIT attacks this new single with an aggressive and fearless attitude, delivering each bar with an intensity that is filled to the brim with emotional tenacity. Painting a vivid picture of his world, LaJIT speaks on maintaining the ability to break through barriers, either mental or otherwise, with sheer focus and willpower. The single’s beat was self-produced by the artist and explores hypnotic synth-textures and heavy bass-lines that capture an industrial, brooding mood; a sound that the rapper/producer has been exploring as of recently. The EP cover artwork by artist/designer TrillHippy conveys a dark aesthetic that portrays the attitude of this release precisely.

Following the release of this single (the title track) is off the ‘How It Feel’ EP that will feature four brand new self-produced and recorded tracks that further elaborate on the life of the artist, and the aspects of life that keep him inspired to create. The release date of the EP has yet to be announced, but stay tuned for more news.

Listen to ‘How It Feel’ in the stream above. To hear more from LaJIT, check him out on:
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