Cali-based beat maker, DJ and instrumentalist, Noetik the Alchemist, lights the night on fire with an enamoring music video for ‘1000 Ancestors’ off of newly released album, Encode. Veiled with ritualistic intonations and guided by a trance-inducing progression, the performance captures the essence of ancestry and quakes the jungle floor with its endemic instrumentation, cascading percussion and deep, luscious bassline. Plunge into the ceremonial scene and dance with the tribe in the stream above, and be sure to check out Noetik’s new album, Encode, available below.

Deep gratitude to all my warrior spirits, earth protectors, Hip Hop wisdom keepers and creative allies all over the world. Special thanks to Lotus Lab, Wooden Mirror, Matt Widmann, Sewa Yuli, Shagun Pradhan, Jordan Fabie, Samuel Nicolier, Yosra Soluna, Imani inamI, Tyy Clark, Ome Garica, Alma Rose and everyone who has been a part of the creative process.

Special thanks to: Amber Tang, Jess Gurrola, Owel Yin, Mckensie Brown and Wooden Mirror Pictures for all your love, creativity and dedication to this project. Special thanks to Ray Red Feather for crafting this lightning struck cedar flute. Deep gratitude to everyone who was apart of this project.

Drums, bass tones, flute and percussion: Noetik the Alchemist
Turntable sample, vocal leads: Zuni Maidens – Rain Song 1970

Dancers: Amber Tang, Jess Gurrola, Owel Yin, and Mckensie Brown

Choreography and body art by Amber Tang
EarthResinance | Facebook

Audio mastering by Tyy Clark
ATYYA | Facebook

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