A Path Untold delivers his first A/V mix entitled: “That Which Binds Us”, a hybrid set fusing his brand of lush, otherworldly bass music with stunning animation and rich visual imagery.

This immersive hour-long session invites you to be transported into a world of colorful sensory exploration and powerful story-telling providing the ideal environment to deliver music with emotive depth and range.

As both a producer and DJ, A Path Untold consistently blends genre elements from future garage, deep house, ambient, idm and world/medicine music to create his unique style that is increasingly in demand. This mix includes new unreleased APU tracks as well as his latest ‘Lone Dweller’ EP woven into a larger tapestry of like minded tunes.

In light of the ever-changing pandemic-drive circumstances, this is an inward-bound journey for many of us who currently can’t venture out in the way we used to.

1. A Path Untold – That Which Binds Us (unreleased)
2. A Path Untold – Unity Veil
3. Morgen Wurde – Bewusst Wurde (Gate Four Remix)
4. Clubroot – Conqueror
5. A Path Untold – Combat ME (unreleased)
6. A Path Untold – Into The Fray
7. Audialist – Square One (Occult Remix)
8. Clubroot – Control
9. Frameworks – Breaking Down (Tor remix)
10. Lefar Legov – Our Love Is Strong
11. Lefar Legov – Hidden Treasures
12. Point B – Fossils (A Path Untold remix)
13. Hiatus – Insurrection
14. Mark Vernon – outtake

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