Artist : Ablokesh Onor
Title : Anilla
Release Date : August 28, 2017

Progressing along his journey reborn under the identity of Ablokesh Onor, label producer Sean Holbrook continues to discover new, uncharted methods of utilizing his musical voice to illustrate the latent and passionate sense of meaning behind his new artistic persona. For his latest project, he has chosen to dabble within a realm of space-age, future-trance tonality with a new single, ‘Anilla,’ and the execution is superfluous. This multidimensional joyride will have you sticking to your seat as you are sent careening through the celestial depths to a place in which music takes on a tangible form, and speaks to you with openness and sincerity. The overarching alienesque vibe paired with Holbrook’s signature and unmistakable synthesized ferocity marks yet another fascinating chapter in the tale of Ablokesh Onor.