The Spectral Mist Landing

Artist : Expansions of Q
Title : The Spectral Mist Landing
Release Date : August 24, 2017

Legend states that the Spectral Mist Landing is a zone 11,111 light years adjacent to The Relativehydrodark. It is the place where all light of past life wisdom settles until called upon by those with knowledge of 4D sonic summoning. The only known text mentioning The Spectral Mist Landing is the 11th of a set of 13 skrolls discovered by ark nearly 260 years ago in the depths of the Amazon. Contained within the 11th skroll is an intergalactic map of zones and instructions for summoning the light of past life wisdom. The skrolls still remain in the possession of ark.

The sounds in this album represent the original journey taken by ark and 40hands to The Spectral Mist Landing. All instruments performed by Tom and Anthony (40hands & ark), arranged in SP-404SX and recorded straight to Akai GX-280D-SS reel to reel tape machine. This is the duo’s second fully instrumental, sample free, analog sound journey of 2017.

Previous release: No. 7

Cover photo by Anthony (ark)