Next World

Artist : Ablokesh Onor
Title : Next World
Release Date : July 4, 2017

This album’s title could not be more fitting, as the quick stabs and airy leads of SaeN’s signature synth work atop the ripping basslines and ethereal vocal sampling really establishes the environment of a world beyond our Earth. In listening to the record, the subtle intricacies, inventive nuances and almost cryptic meaning present within each track becomes apparent, attesting to the experimentation, exploration and creative intention that went into its conjuring.

“This is my account of a dream I had, a dream in which I was searching for a coalesced jewel of creativity and novelty. In this dream I come across an entity who was wearing what I was searching for around it’s neck. The being claimed he was from a place called Next World, a place which always resided in my dreams but I never could understand nor reach. He claimed his name was “Ablokesh” and that he could take me there if I was willing. This is my account of what he told me and the brief encounter I had with him before I awoke,” Sean shared about the record.