Artist : Verisimilitude
Release Date : March 19, 2018

At long last, the wait has ended – presenting Vtude’s new self-titled EP, Verisimilitude. The indefinable cohesion of the trio is, once again, made clear as day in this release as it bursts at the seams with their trademark ferocity and seemingly impossible succinctness. What’s more is the sheer intricacy, attention to detail and buttery on-the-fly time sig transitions as if it were a single, unified mind channeling itself through three individuals.

The tracklist in its entirety feels like a living, breathing emotive force as the artists use their instruments, not as mere tools, but as enigmatic extensions of their very being. Throughout the journey, one quickly finds themselves on an ardent excursion through varying states of energetic befuddlement, contemplative day-dreaminess and extrasensory lucidity that will leave you revisiting the record and continuously discovering new subtleties in every trek through it.