Come out and join us at the second annual Art of Consciousness for a psychedelic coalescence of San Antonio’s visionary art and music community. The event, hosted at the Movement Gallery on E. Commerce street, will feature the creations of dozens of Texas painters, sculptors and graphic artists, as well as musical performances, vendors, workshops and more.

At the inaugural AoC in 2017, the connection between all of those involved was truly palpable. The sheer growth that has taken place within SA’s visionary community over the years has revealed there to be a powerful force at play; a force that has begun to find its voice and make itself apparent as an integral piece of the city’s cultural background. It is here, at this gathering, that this force can be witnessed in its most expressive and ingenuous form.

For event information and details, scroll down to see the promotional flyers and visit the AoC facebook & instagram. Below you can also find a small selection of artwork from a handful of the artist who will be present. The TIMEWHEEL team will be set up at the event and we hope to see you there so that, together, we can continue exploring and inspiring the community to come together collectively through the mediums of art, music, discussion and ceremony.


Painting by Jagwired

Painting by Kim Bishop

Painting by Christian Withers

Painting by Dante DiPasquale

Artwork by David Peche

byEmari OmNava Donahue1
Painting by Emari OmNava Donahue

Painting by Sereda Swallow

Painting by Katie Shearer