Savej returns with a mystical transmission in the form of powerful single, ‘Avatar.’ Establishing a primal atmosphere through tribal tonality and rhythm, ‘Avatar’ illustrates the sacred totemic space in which Savej stokes his creative flame. A heavy and evocative beat adorned with shamanic sampling and a strong ceremonial aura, the carefully chosen constituents of the piece amalgamate seamlessly to form a compelling and unforgettable corporeal experience.

“Sometimes when I get in the studio, I’m able to fully allow my subconscious mind to take over and I enter an uninterrupted (sober) trance state for hours, during which I feel deeply connected in an indescribable way to some of the specific channels and experiences opened through my deeper journeys with ayahuasca.

The music I make when I’m able to truly step into this peak flow state always radiates the same energy and morphs into a danceable audio encoding of the revelations of those experiences and my paths of study. In this state, I almost always experience lost time or severe time dilation as I just witness whatever flows through with next to no thinking or judgment. This is one of those flow jams.

These always feel special to me – not just because of the music that comes through, but because of the connection I felt and the state of consciousness I entered as I created it.” – Savej

Check out the hypnotic visual accompaniment created by Hakan Hisim for ‘Avatar’ in the section above, or stream the audio for the single in the section below. Enjoy.

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