Simon Haiduk is a multimedia artist working with painting, music, and animation. His themes most often have an emphasis on nature and metaphysical energy. Culminating over fifteen years of thematic creativity, he has found a synthesis of these artistic mediums by fusing them into an audiovisual meditation concert, Metta Grove.

This concert features stunning visuals of Simon’s digital paintings transformed into animations. These animations are then woven with layers of light and sound which provides for a unique expression in each live performance. The music is an evolving soundscape of Simon’s ambient creations, flowing into heartwarming melodies and pulsing rhythms from other musicians.

Previously only available at live performance venues, Simon has crafted an enhanced version of Metta Grove for online delivery to enable a worldwide audience.

Metta Grove is a meditation on our intrinsic connection to nature, the foundations of our reality as light and sound, activating elevated states of consciousness through enchantment, and honouring our interconnected life energies to inspire a more peaceful world. It is intentionally designed for presentation in ceremonial, plant medicine or meditative spaces though it is also suitable for any media viewing container and appropriate for all ages. You are encouraged to gather and experience this event with others, on a big screen with big sound — consider your set and setting.

Event Info:
Duration: 80 mins

Livestream on April 15 – 6:00 PM PST

Tickets available until April 22, 9:30 pm, PST

Replay Access until April 22, 11:59 pm, PST


To explore Simon’s work, visit: | Soundcloud Spotify Apple
Artstation | Youtube | Vimeo